Guitar Pro - The Musician's IDE October 18, 2009

I've been using Guitar Pro pretty regularly for the past 3 years to compose some of my music. It was originally designed to be a guitar tab editor, but it's pianists and violinists would find themselves right at home as well. It's pretty convenient, but I often find myself complaining...

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Writing a bitboard chess engine March 15, 2009

I've shifted my focus a little and am currently writing a bitboard based chess engine. Bitboard based engines aren't quite as straight forward as array based chess engines, but they offer benefits in both move generation and board evaluation. The idea is to represent the board in a series of...

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The layout of a chess engine March 08, 2009

Chess is said to be a game of perfect information, meaning that all the information is visible to both sides at all times. This allows a computer to play chess by searching the game tree for the best possible move. Thus a simple chess engine is composed of three major...

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