Interesting scientific videos with Matlab
May 16, 2013

Stellar Composition over Time (M = Msun, Metallicity = 0.02)

Modelled as a bonus project for my PHYS 375 Astrophysics class at the University of Waterloo. Here you'll see an animation of the stellar evolution of a Main Sequence star, similar to that of our own Sun. The left chart measures the mass fraction of the elements in the sun based on the distance from the center of the sun. The right chart is the star's position on an HR diagram. Data courtesy of Rich Townsend's EZ-web and annotations from Figure 13.4 in an Introduction to Modern Astrophysics by Carroll and Ostlie. The professor mentioned he would use this animation as teaching material for future years.

Simulation of a rectangular drum, with an initial position and velocity.

Modelled for my mathematical physics class. A square membrane, with L = H = 1, is stretched with an initial position of u(x, y) = x(x - 1)y(y - 1) and initial velocity v(x, y) = 2sin(pi*x)sin(2pi*y). Modeled for for t = 0...10. The video is taken using an analytical solution to the rectangular drum problem. The drum is bound on two of four edges.

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