Convert Data Online (2019)

Convert Data Online allows anyone to convert between any unit, SI or Imperial..

Math Science Unit Conversion

traildb-crystal (2017)

traildb-crystal are TrailDB bindings for the Crystal programming language.

Crystal Time-Series Databases

Expense_Bot (2016)

Expense_Bot is an single-entry accounting bot for Telegram.

NodeJS RethinkDB

CeruleanJS (2015-2016)

CeruleanJS is an XBoard chess engine.


PodcastParty (2014-2015)

PodcastParty is a web-based podcast player and social listening platform.

NodeJS MongoDB (2014) is a website that allows you to render MIDI files to MP3 using a variety of soundfonts

NodeJS Redis

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe (2013)

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe is an upgraded variant of the game everyone knows, tic-tac-toe.


Cerulean (2010-2011)

Cerulean is a simple chess engine.


6502.NET (2009)

6502.NET is a MOS 6502 emulator.


ConwayJS (2009)

ConwayJS is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript.