Simulate coronavirus infections in the browser. This collision-based infection simulator models the growth of infections within a population adhering to initial conditions. Try it out!

JavaScript Coronavirus Collisions

drawille-cr (2020)

Draw in the terminal using unicode braille characters, for Crystal! Based on the the drawille library for Python, drawille-cr allows the developer to draw using Unicode braille symbols in the terminal.

Crystal Math Terminal Drawing

Convert Data Online (2019)

Convert Data Online allows anyone to convert between any unit, SI or Imperial.

JavaScript Math Science Unit Conversion

traildb-crystal (2017)

traildb-crystal are TrailDB bindings for the Crystal programming language.

Crystal Time-Series Databases

Expense_Bot (2016)

Expense_Bot is an single-entry accounting bot for Telegram.

JavaScript RethinkDB

CeruleanJS (2015-2016)

CeruleanJS is an XBoard chess engine.


PodcastParty (2014-2015)

PodcastParty is a web-based podcast player and social listening platform.

JavaScript MongoDB (2014) is a website that allows you to render MIDI files to MP3 using a variety of soundfonts

JavaScript Redis

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe (2013)

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe is an upgraded variant of the game everyone knows, tic-tac-toe.


Cerulean (2010-2011)

Cerulean is a simple chess engine.


6502.NET (2009)

6502.NET is a MOS 6502 emulator.


ConwayJS (2009)

ConwayJS is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript.