Welcome to joeyrobert.org, the personal website of me, Joey Robert. I've maintained this website since 2007. Its original focus was to document my university course experience. Since then it's evolved into my home on the web, covering my technical explorations technical and productivity hacks.

By day I'm an Engineering Manager at NextRoll (formerly known as AdRoll) on the Measurement team, where we unify the marketing reporting experience across multiple tools. I work remotely from my home in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada with my wife Katie and daughter Riley.

I received a Bachelors in Computational Science from the University of Waterloo. My focus was Physics and Computing. My interests include front-end and API development, databases, distributed computing, functional programming, dev ops, clean code and things that make the internet tick.

I started programming at age 13 in PHP (and HTML), and quickly expanded my interests from there. I gained broad experience with different programming languages throughout my career.