Welcome to joeyrobert.org, the personal website of me, Joey Robert. I've maintained this website since 2007 where it was originally used to document my university course experience. Since then it's evolved into a sporadically updated blog for my personal technical interests.

Since 2016 I am working as a Software Engineering Team Lead at NextRoll (formerly known as AdRoll) on the Measurement team, where we unify the marketing reporting experience across multiple tools. I work remotely from my home in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada with my wife Katie and baby girl Riley.

I received a STEM degree in Computational Science from the University of Waterloo. My original focus was Physics, where I spent 3 years of my undergrad before doubling down into Computer Science courses and rounding out my formal education. Learning is of course a continuous journey and something I strive to do every day in all endevours of my life :).

I started programming at age 13 in PHP (and HTML). I gained broad experience with different programming languages throughout my career. Ruby, and now Crystal top the list as my favourite languages to work in. I've also worked in Python, JavaScript / TypeScript and Microsoft .NET stack with C#.